Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Super Secret Window Cleaning Tip!

Sometimes, you don't need your windows professionally cleaned just yet, but you have puppy nose art, baby handprints or fingerprints on your windows.  What do you do?  Windex, paper towels? Grandma's recipe for window cleaner with vinegar, ammonia, newspapers? STINKY!

I beg you...please do not use the Windex!  Have you ever noticed that when you clean your windows there are always gunky corners that are impossible to clean?  When you rub those corners, something smears all over the rest of the window and you're back to square one.  The reason for those impossible corners is Windex, and the like, contains wax polymers that buff to a beautiful shine, momentarily, only to turn to gunk in the corners in a short time, building up more and more every time you "clean" your windows.

So now the secret that you have all been waiting for!  Here is what your professionals use.  Are you ready?  It's as simple as a 50/50 mix of Isopropyl Alcohol and steam distilled water.  That's it?  Yep, that's it.

Here are the benefits:  It's cheap!  We like to use the 90% isopropyl, but even the 70% will work.  Just add a little more of the alcohol than water.  We can get a quart of it for just over $2.00, and the water is practically free since we make reverse osmosis, deionized water for our professional window cleaning.  You can just get a gallon of steam distilled water at the local grocery store.  Again, cheap!
Put it in a spray bottle and you're ready to go.  We suggest you use a low nap microfiber cloth so as to not leave a lot of lint.

Another benefit is the germ-killing properties of the alcohol.  We use it in our own home for bathroom chrome fixtures, mirrors, stovetops, refrigerator handles and more to remove fingerprints, lint, crud etc.! Again you are saving money on cleaning products.

Biggest benefit:  No more waxy, gunky corners!

This is definitely not a replacement for your professional window cleaner.  I would not suggest trying to do this on the exterior windows, but it's really good for an interior touch-up. Now when your guests ask you how did you get that bathroom mirror so lint free and clean, tell them you have a super secret recipe.

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  1. I must share this with Tony, my window cleaner and handy man around the house.😊

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