Friday, March 16, 2018

Do You Have a Salt Stained Driveway?

Deicers can affect concrete both physically and chemically. According to the Utah DOT, the physical effects of deicers on concrete are mainly manifested in increased damage from freeze-thaw cycling, while the chemical effects include detrimental reactions between the deicers and the cement paste, aggravation of expansive aggregate-cement reactions, and initiation and acceleration of corrosion when reinforcing steel is present in the concrete. Damage from deicer exposure can be manifested as surface scaling, cracking, concrete degradation, delamination, and premature failure.

Hopefully, we are past the point of getting any more snow so get those salt stains removed from your driveway and don't let more unnecessary damage happen to, what can be, one of the most expensive investments of your home.

If you find that you need help to clean and/or seal your concrete to prevent more damage being done...

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